UnBible is fun. A place for anyone to write comical parody of the Bible and Bible stories.


We do not intend this satire to be blasphemy, or to be offensive to believers. Indeed, believers of any faith or denomination are invited to join us in humor about the most popular and longest running book ever published.

Among other contributions, the UnBible contains fragments of the Lancashire Bible, and ancient text unearthed behind the bike sheds at the Oldham Tripe Mines, and distranslated back into Lancashire English by a dedicated team of scholars from Manchester University and Moss Side Comprehensive.

We are sure there are other unpublished fragments of the Lancashire Bible, as well as other rare UnBible manuscripts hidden away in many parts of the world. Here is your chance to publish the scraps in your hard drive, adding to this global un-scholarly work. [[Category:In the beginning, in a galaxy far far away, lived God. He was in the gallery when he had a thought. He said, 'God. Yes?' He replied.'This needs to be a good gallery so it needs some fine art and thats were we come in. Its startling I know, but its true. We are nothing but paintings on a wall. This must be known and must be accepted.]]