His holiness the Christ; Jesus.

Contrary to popular belief Jesus Christ actually lead a rather heathenistic lifestyle. Alcohol, cigarettes, assorted mind altering substances, and sodomy was all in an average day of his holiness.

Also known as: white boy jesus, boring jesus, level 1 jesus.

The son of Bob, sent down to earth to bring back nachos and a pack of cigs for his old man. Instead ran around the earth performing miracles, gathering disciples and even starting his own black magic cult (christianity). Got p00nz3d by the romans and failed to bring back anything edible or smokable. Bob then ripped his head off and replaced it with a dinosaur's and sent him back to earth as raptor jesus where he remains to this day. Moral of the story: if god sends you out for a pack of cigs and some nachos you better fucking bring him a box of cubans and best damn nachos known to mankind.